Foresight forging common futures in a multi-polar world

2013 China

China in a multi-polar world

The Foresight China symposium on China’s rise and role in a multi-polar and interdependent world is organised in partnership with the China Institute for Innovation and Development Strategy (CIIDS) and the China Institute of International Studies (CIIS). The forum will bring together experts and leaders from China and across the world to examine China's future in a multi-polar world.

The symposium shall explore the foundations of the Chinese politico-economic system. How do we best understand what Deng Xiaoping called ‘socialism with Chinese characteristics’? Turning to economic achievements and challenges, the evolution of the ‘China model’ will also play a central role in the discussions. The conference shall also provide a platform for discussing three specific international issues:

Reform of the global financial system: With the centre of global economic gravity shifting, informal and regional groupings are occasionally playing a greater role in an international financial system still largely dominated by the United States. In this context, what role can China play in furthering global reform?

  • Resource security and international collaboration: As demand for energy, food and water rises, it is not clear whether the planets resources are enough to sustain this shift. Considering these challenges, what are the ways to increase international collaboration and prevent tensions from escalating?
  • Regional architecture in Asia: A dense web of regional ties has been key in achieving a relatively stable and peaceful Asia. Yet, recently there have been controversies in the region. The ‘pivot’ of the U.S. to the Asia-Pacific has also triggered debate. In view of these challenges, how can an inclusive architecture for Asia be advanced?

The conference provides an opportunity for leading international experts to learn more about the visions and strategies of the new Chinese leadership. What does a Chinese vision of the world look like and what kind of actor will China be in a multi-polar world?